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Disease X:

Are You Prepared?

This book serves as your guide to navigating the uncertain terrain of future pandemics. Drawing on the lessons learned from COVID-19, it equips you with the knowledge and strategies to protect yourself, your family, and your community in the face of Disease X.

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"Humming Heroes" was a number one bestseller on Amazon in the Immunology and Communicable Diseases categories, May - June 2024.

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Recent Additions to Our Bookshelf

Humming Heroes: Inside The Nose That Almost Nobody Knows

This Amazon bestselling picture book offers an opportunity to explore the fascinating world of the immune system. The story focuses on a family of Lymphocytes confronting invading microorganisms.

The Power of NO: Nitric Oxide's Role in Keeping You Healthy

The eBook delves into  the essential role of nitric oxide in maintaining overall health. A deficiency in nitric oxide is linked to health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and erectile dysfunction.

Disease X: Are You Prepared?

From understanding the science of viral transmission and immune response to implementing practical measures for personal and household preparedness, this book empowers you to take proactive steps towards building resilience.

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June 21, 2024

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July, 2024

Book Launch
Disease X: Are You Prepared

Disease X: Are You Prepared?

Scientists warn of “Disease X,” a hypothetical pathogen with the potential to unleash devastation on a global scale. This book outlines practical steps that you can take to protect you and your loved one’s health during a pandemic.

July, 2023

Kickstarter Book Project
Pandemic Answers: Quick Questions & Fast Facts

Pandemic Answers: Quick Questions & Fast Facts

This book is designed to equip both healthcare professionals and the general public with the knowledge needed to navigate future viral pandemics in an easy to read format. Support our Kickstarter campaign to bring this essential guide to life and help communities worldwide stay prepared and informed. Feel free to make any further adjustments as needed!

INFOGRAPHICS: Bringing Science and literature to life through the power of pictorial storytelling.

The “LUMIGRAPHIC” series is a collection of horizontal infographics created by Lumienta Ltd, designed to make complex medical science accessible and engaging for both the general public and healthcare professionals.